Generating font files for TCPDF PDF generator
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I would like to create Arial Unicode MS font files for the TCPDF php class. I have a XAMPP setup on a Windows machine.

Instructions are here.

I'm stuck on step 2. Where am I suppose to start entering the code in the instructions, i.e. $ ttf2ufm -a -F myfont.ttf ? If I open the exe, it just starts up and goes away, I can't even type into it. I'm probably missing something really basic?
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It's a command line application. Hold shift and right-click in the folder containing the executable, click "Open Command Window here", type in the string you posted above (no dollar sign) and hit enter. You will need to provide the full path of the input font, like:

ttf2ufm.exe -a -F "C:\some folder\somefont.ttf"
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Response by poster: Hey Inspector.Gadget, I held the SHIFT key, but the right-click menu is still the same as regular right click, no "Open Command Window Here". I'm on XP if that helps.
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Best answer: OK. Then what you'll need to do is open a generic command prompt by opening the "Run" box from the Start Menu and typing "cmd" then hitting enter. Get to the root of the system drive by typing cd / in the command prompt and hitting enter.

Then, get to your program directory by typing cd "C:\Path\To\Executable\" (using the appropriate folder system to get to the executable) and then run the command in my first post.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thank you!
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