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[ Successful Sales Professionals Filter ] Help me make it rain! Does anyone have any outside sales resources (i.e. a book, philosophy, tech solutions, etc) they would recommend to someone who is brand new in that kind of role?

I seem to have found myself in this kind of role, and would like to be as effective / successful as possible. Some say its crazy, but I've been working in what could be best classified as an "inside sales" role for a few years, and I really enjoy it. The key difference seems to be seeking out prospects as opposed to having pre-qualified individuals come to me. The biggest drawback? A almost complete lack of training provided to me by my employer, which has prompted this inquiry. You're experience / advice / encouragement is greatly appreciated!
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It would be helpful if we could get at least an idea of what kind of sales you're involved in - pharmaceuticals? used cars? furniture? technology? Are you selling to people walking in the door in a public environment or just through telephone or cyberspace?

A little more info, please.
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Response by poster: Great question!

I work in the chemical coatings industry, providing a variety of solutions contingent on the nature and needs of my customer's business. I interact with my customers and prospects primarily in a public format (sometimes at their business, sometimes on their job sites, sometimes at my business), and phone contact is a core part of these interactions. Communication via the web is possible, but unlikely.

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To start: Close the Deal

And when you're ready to go ninja/Vulcan/whatever, Instant Rapport
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SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham , and then follow it up with Major Account Selling by the same author. Specifically for prospecting, take a look at Jill Konrath. You can buy her book, but honestly you can get the major points she is making by reading her site and watching one of her archived webcasts. I re-read SPIN Selling every year or so.
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