Identify this floor lamp?
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I just saw this floor lamp at a local antique shop, and it looks very familiar. Is this a well-known design, or is it just that my grandparents had a version of it in there home somewhere?

Pardon the bad photograph. The lamp is attached by a simple clamp to the stem, which is about four feet tall; there are four short legs made of the same tubing as the stem connected to what looks like small pewter base. There are obvious identifying marks except for a three-digit stamp on the inside of the bulb-housing.

As a follow-up, is there a good online encyclopedia or archive of classic design items? It was really hard to google this and not just find stores selling things that are still in production.
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Since nobody's answered this:

I saw a lamp sort of like this in Nomadic furniture. That book shows a vaguely similar lamp made by Joe Columbo. It also shows you how to make similar lamps using stuff from the local hardware store.

Your example looks way too rough/generic to qualify as a collectable per se: It's pretty 70's-riffic. Architronic lets you search by appearance, so you can find a collectable that causes the same reaction, or maybe look at some of the other stuff of Columbo's carried by O-Luce.
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