How/Should we rent out our cabin?
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Guides, books, tips, caveats for renting out our Vermont cabin?

My sister and I jointly own a cabin in central Vermont. We use it occasionally to get away from it all, but it's vacant probably 90+% of the time. We've always been reluctant to rent it out because of the unreliable water supply.

A few weeks ago we invested in a new well. It turned out to be a lot more expensive than we expected, but on the plus side it currently looks like we finally have a good supply of water.

We'd like to start renting it out again to eventually recoup the cost of the well. What are some good resources to learn about how to do this right (minimal risk and headache for us)?

Some facts about the cabin:
Located in rural central Vermont.
3 hour drive from me (Boston).
It's something that would appeal more to people looking to get away from it all (no TV, no Internet, no cell reception, etc.)
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I have rented through and I had good luck as a renter, I would certainly try them if I had a place to rent. I don't know the specifics about what they charge and all.
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My FiL rents out his cabin. Here are some thoughts:

Have 1 sheet of easy-to-follow rules.
Have a local emergency contact/handyman.
Have a plan for washing sheets and towels and putting the other set on the bed. (May require a local cleaning crew.)
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