Stop my bag from squeaking
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How do I stop my bag from squeaking? The canvas (or nylon) strap on my bag is attached to a coated metal ring that squeaks when they rub against each other.

I recently purchased this bag, which I like except for the fact that it squeaks whenever I walk. The strap, which is made out of some sort of woven canvas or nylon, is sewn onto a coated metal D-ring on each side of the bag. Whenever I walk with the bag, the strap rubs against the rings and produces an extremely annoying squeaking sound. Even thought the bag is made of leather, it's not the leather making the noise. Any suggestions for making the noise go away?
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Try a light coating of non-stick cooking spray.
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I've been known to throw away bags over this issue. Electrical tape wrapped around the rings sometimes helps.
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Yeah, a little lubricant will probably help. Maybe try shoe wax? A tiny spot of graphite powder, if you can get your hands on it, might solve it too.
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Will the spray discolor the leather if it gets on it?
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Teflon tape - it's the stuff you get to wrap around the threads of your new showerhead to ensure a nice tight fit.
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Try this, it's grease clarinetists use for the cork part of their instrument. I'd suggest putting it on whichever part of the strap that comes into contact with the ring. It should stop the friction, which is what's causing the squeak, and if you put it on the strap, it should be absorbed, and it shouldn't touch the leather. Though, if it does, I can't imagine that'd it'd do much harm. Also, it's like a dollar. Give it a try.
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I have the exact same problem with my Timbuk2 tote bag. I'm going to give the Teflon tape a try, since I have some at home already. Will report back.
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I would expect Teflon tape to wear though almost instantly, though I have never tried. Graphite power is widely available in hardware stores. If you would like to try before you buy you can obtain some via sandpaper or a file and a pencil, though I think the store bought stuff contains additives to make it last longer. I would try silicon lubricant, also available in hardware stores.
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And if the teflon tape doesn't work, I'll try some Greased Lightning.
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I had this problem with my camera bag. I little silicone lubricant I put on a week ago has worked well so far.
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Hmmm, maybe baby powder or talcum powder would quiet it down. It's used to stop squeaking in Western saddles when the leather is new and every little motion causes a ton of creaking (leather against leather, leather against metal, leather against wood, sometimes canvas/synthetic canvas materials instead of leather). You could try rubbing it into the inside of the strap where it touches the metal ring. This should be a solution (if it works) that won't cause discoloration, and if it doesn't work, should be removable without too much hassle, I think.
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The manufacturer suggested using vegetable oil, but that didn't seem to work too well, at least right after applying it. So I tried baby powder, and I don't know if it was the powder itself, or in combination with the oil, but it worked pretty well. Still a little noise, but much quieter and less high-pitched, more like a rustling sound, which is much more tolerable.
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