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What's the best use of 2000 Air Miles (Canadian), or 4500 American Airlines Frequent Flier Miles? I'd like to use up my miles, but both companies have convoluted websites that make it very difficult to compare the different things you can redeem the miles for.

I have just over 4500 American Airlines AAdvantage miles. I would be happy to donate these to a charity (?) or give or sell them to someone who could use them. To transfer them, I think I'd need to spend $60 to top them up to 5000 miles, then $50 to transfer them- but are 5000 miles even worth the $110 in transferring fees? I can't tell from the site.

I have about 2000 Canadian Air Miles. I've been collecting them for years and would like to get myself a treat, or an Xmas present for someone else. The rewards catalogue is exhaustingly laid out, so it's hard to tell what the great deals are. Anyone know of any?
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Do not spend cash on miles unless you are going to immediately use them for an award you could not afford otherwise. I'd give the miles to charity before spending $110 to add more.

The thing is that 4500 AA miles is not very much, but you could get some magazine subscriptions for less than that.

Personally, I would just keep 'em, if possible, and wait until I have more effective uses for the miles (international travel or upgrades). You never know when you are going to start flying a particular airline a lot. When do the AA miles expire? You can extend their expiration by getting a few miles for taking a survey at OpinionPlace.
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My American Airlines miles I accrued during grad school have kept me flush in Economist subscriptions for a while now.
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I've always found that on a points-to-dollars the best use of AirMiles is almost always Gift Certificates: Home improvement stores, movie theatres, attractions, you name it.
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*points-to-dollars basis
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I always use the AirMiles for the 2-for-1 movie pass. Of course, you have to buy one admission to get one, but 30 miles for what'd otherwise be a second $12 admission is pretty good. (It also has a Sunday 6pm to Friday 6pm restriction, but that's not really a big deal)
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