How do I find a personal Spanish tutor in Tegucigalpa?
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Looking for a Spanish tutor to help me polish my skills while I'm in Tegucigalpa, Honduras for a month (Feb-Mar '11) - do you know such a person? Do you know a better way?

I'm a third year medical student who will be traveling to Honduras for a month-long rotation in mid-February and would like to take advantage of my time there to improve my Spanish skills from moderate/advanced toward fluent. I'll have time available on nights and weekends and, as such, actual Spanish school isn't an option. Ideally, I could find someone in Tegucigalpa who would be interested in sitting and chatting with me for a few hours each night - someone who wouldn't be afriad to correct my grammar or pronounciation.

I do have a limited budget for this, but would also be willing to trade English lessons if the tutor is so inclined.

Any chance the hive knows anyone who might be interested? Is there a better way to achieve this goal?

FWIW, I'll be staying at The Baxter Institute.
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Try these people, looks promising.
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Travel guidebooks usually have listings like this. Try a Lonely Planet or Rough Guide to Honduras.

Even calling up an "actual Spanish school" might be helpful, as they will have contacts with instructors. Some of whom could meet with you outside of traditional school hours or refer you to a tutor or someone to do a language exchange with.
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You might also try asking this question in the Language Learning Forum at They have a subsection for Immersion, Schools & Certificates.
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