England Dan? NOT from England. But was his song a TV theme?
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Asking for a friend who's now being driven mad by the Muzak... Was "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight", a song by England Dan & John Ford Coley (and covered by everybody from Barry Manilow to Reba McEntire) ever the theme song to a television show?

Since my google-fu has failed, and he has called me 6 times in the last two hours, I had to turn to the HiveMind. He remembers nothing about the show, other than it was most likely from the late 70s. He and another friend are racking their brain trying to figure out what it was.

Things we kindaknow:
- They're pretty sure it wasn't a movie.
- They're pretty sure it was the original and not a cover.
- The show was probably from the late 70s, but was shown in reruns (The friend who's asking was born in 81, so there's no way he saw an original run)

Of course, they're willing to throw any of this out the window, just to know for sure they're right!

Could it have been a similar sounding song?

Here's the video on YouTube if you need a refresher.
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Is your friend maybe thinking of the theme from The Greatest American Hero? The structure and progressions are very similar.
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Well, it looks like it was used in The Long Kiss Goodnight (movie), and once on Cold Case, and that ED&JFC did the theme song for James at 15.

BUT! I did not know that in addition to Dan Seals' brother Jim being the former half of Seals and Crofts, their other brother Eddie was in the Champs, of "Tequila" fame! And their dad played with Ernest Tubb.

+1 nerding.
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Yeah, I agree with Gilbert. I think it's the "Hero," theme he's thinking of.
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In the 70's, we only had three tv networks plus PBS. I was an introvert and a major television junkie and watched pretty much everything they threw out there. I am very familiar with the song, but I don't remember it being a tv theme song.
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Best answer: I can tell you with 100% certainty that the song was never used as a TV theme. My dad wrote the song.

It's funny that the others mentioned the Greatest American Hero theme because a couple of people thought my dad had written that song and it became a running joke.
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Response by poster: Thanks, for the answers guys!

And camcgee... this will teach him to doubt the hivemind.
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