How to get rid of an EKG machine?
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For some reason my wife has an older portable EKG machine (A GE/Marquette MacPC 12-lead model, like this one) and would like to donate it to an organization that can help people with it. How do I find such an organization?
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Well, look for medical charities and write emails I suppose. Doctors without Borders and Partners in Health stand out for me. If you told us your general location someone might know one near you. You could try posting an ad on craigslist in hopes that someone who works at a charity will see it.
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American Medical Resource Foundation and REMEDY are two charities that donate medical equipment, including used but fully-functional equipment, to hospitals and clinics in the developing world. MED-EQ is REMEDY's medical equipment division.
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Response by poster: I'm located in Eugene, Oregon.
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Try the Volunteers in Medicine clinic over on W 11th.
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Best answer: If you're willing to go the veterinary route, your local aspca/humane society hospital would probably be very thankful to have it. With budgets being what they are right now, these organizations that serve the animal populations are dependent on used medical devices.

No matter what you do with it, kudos to you for your generous spirit.
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