where to buy a business card case
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help me find a nice business card case to buy my husband for hanukkah

my husband just started a new job (yay) and will be moving around a lot, meeting new people and exchanging business cards with them. i want to get him something to take with him when he's out and about that stores a bunch of these business cards. something personalized would be nice, but not necessary

i found this on etsy, which i thought he would like, but it can't be personalized, which would be ok if it didn't look like it had someone else's monogram on it:

so what do you use to carry your cards around in?
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IMO there is only one business card case worth having.

The Tiffany engine-turned card case
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This is the business-card holder I use for my wallet. It looks very sleek and is very solid, not at all flexible, though after a couple years of carrying it in my pocket, I've noticed that some surface areas are starting to wear down to a slightly coppery interior layer. So it might not be as high-end as it sounds like you're wanting...
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If he is maybe a fan of exotic leathers, you can try UNEARTHED at etsy.
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Mm, I shoulda previewed; that Tiffany one is the same concept as mine, and the same size, just likely far better-made and much more high-end.
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This is classy. The engraving would make it very special.

This is reasonably priced and very businesslike.

My own card case is gold and looks a lot like the gold one in this group.

And if you want something very flashy, and are willing to fork out some big bucks, there's always Tiffany & Co.
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If you don't have the budget for a Tiffany sterling case, you can get a similar stainless one custom engraved for about a 10th of the price. The one you like at Etsy, though, is nifty. It doesn't really have someone else's initials on it; it has the brand (IKC) stamped on a part that you won't see when cards are placed in it, if that makes a difference to you (it would to me!) I like it a lot, though I'd worry it would crack with wear maybe?
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Response by poster: thanks for all of the speedy recommendations! i especially like that etsy store (though i may buy something for myself and not a business card holder). i didn't consider that the cards in it cover the initials. and i know that everything has a brand on it, that one just looks so initial-y!
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I like the Frank Lloyd Wright business card cases here (and elsewhere).
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