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Please help me find a long puffer coat that isn't stuffed with down.

I just found this coat, and while it's ok, I'd like to consider a couple more options. After an embarrassing number of hours of searching, it's the only one I've found. There must be a better way!

My wish list is:
mid-thigh to ankle length
a hood would be nice
probably in black, but I'm flexible
not astronomically priced, like $500 would be somewhere near Jupiter, and I'm here on Earth

And it MUST NOT be filled with down, any other feather product or have a real fur hood. My husband is allergic to down and fur just wiggs me out.
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"Polyfill" may be your preferred Googling term here. (I, too, am allergic to down.)
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This one from Michael Kors looks good at $90.

Here's another one which meets your requirements for $80. Here's another that's a little longer for $100. If you don't like those, Burlington Coat has a whole section of polyfill coats.
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Patagonia mid-thigh puffer coat with hood, synthetic fill, US $200. Comes in black (though the black seems shinier than the other colours, which are already pretty shiny--don't know if that matters to you).
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I own the Lidia parka (my SO works at Patagonia) and I don't find it flattering on.

Here's another Patagonia choice - Not puffy, but long
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Here's one - Berghaus Richmond. Pretty sure this is fake fur, but not sure if it's long enough.

This Outdoor Research Chaos Insulated Parka
comes from a good brand and is only $129.
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- Isis Northern Lights (maybe not warm enough?)
- Merrell Haven
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- Sierra Trading (long! Synthetic fur - is that OK?)
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I would guess that any jacket in your price range would have faux fur accents if there was "fur" involved at all. Especially if you are looking at brands like Burlington Coat Factory, Patagonia, North Face, etc.
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One of the best puffy synthetic alternatives to goose down is Primaloft insulation. You might be able to use that as a search term to find some good options - a lot of outdoor companies make Primaloft insulated clothes.
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Here's one for $39.99.
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