Need assistance using the phone and listening to music in the car with my iPhone
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Please help me listen to music in my car with the iPhone, and take phone calls! I get get a setup to work right. Details follow...

When I listen to music in my car with my iPhone4, I connect the headphone out jack to the aux in on the car stereo. Works fine. When a call comes in, I have to turn the volume on the stereo way up to hear the person calling me. This doesn't work very well. Is there another way to get the phone and music player to play nicely or am I doing it wrong?
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Best answer: I figured this one out myself. I didn't realizes that the iPhone has two volume controls. The obvious one for when you're listening to music, and the less obvious one (that works only from the side buttons AFAIKT) for phone use. My phone volume was set too low. Now life is good again!
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