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Please recommend me winter clothes like this. I like the minimalist design and the typographic elements, but they only have a few thermals!

I have no idea what to Google for, so I'm turning to the hivemind. This is partially for an upcoming trip to Europe, so something that travels easily would be a plus. Cheap is good, but I'm happy to pay for quality and/or good design. Dark colors would be preferred.

Thanks, MeFi!
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Any thermal is going to travel just fine. I can't come up with any travel scenario that a thermal shirt is not going to handle well, from a long weekend to a month to moving there.

So what you are looking for is printed thermal shirts? Maybe try Urban Outfitters? I have a few printed thermals from there. Nothing that looks particularly like what you linked, but then I'm a girl and it's hard to find strong graphic prints for women, in general. Last winter the Gap had a lot of thermals with stripes and other simple prints, as well, so they might be worth a try.

If you like minimalist and don't require a typographic print element specifically, you could try American Apparel. They do a very nice (unadorned) thermal which comes in any color you could ever want.

How many do you need? Why not just order one of each on the website you linked? They have four different designs, which is a good number to take on a trip unless you were planning to take your entire wardrobe with you. I live in a cold climate and rely on waffle-weave undershirts for long term everyday wear, and I have about four of them.
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My approach for weekend cold-weather-wear this year has been to get thermals in my basic often-worn colors for super cheap, and then wear my regular favorite short-sleeved shirts over them. I don't know if that's too uncouth for you, but it works extremely well for me (habitual layerer).
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Uniqlo do a lot of minimalist designs and they do heat-tech, which apparently is cosy warm. They have lots of stores in the UK and mail-order, and I think they have several in other countries.
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