A Search in the Amazon?
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Help a reader's dream come true: I want to be able to search my Amazon wishlist.

I use my Amazon wishlist as my to-read list. This has been working very well for me, since I can buy the books right from my reading list, except for one thing: I have about 2500 items on there, and I cannot figure out a way to search for items within my wish list.

Can it be done, Hivemind? I don't mind installing an external application or a Firefox add-on if that's what it takes, I just want to be able to search for books I've already read and remove them! Please hope me!
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Best answer: Have you looked at WishRadar? It allows for sorting and filtering of your wishlist.
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This isn't search, but you know that your list can also be sorted by title, right? Or are you searching for other things, like author?

Alternately, Amazon has another option - Your Collection. Which is certainly hidden away so that most people don't know about it. But, go to My Account (just above Your Lists button), and then in the Digital Content section, click Your Collection. It will automatically have everything you've ever purchased from Amazon in it already. You can manually add anything you want, and it will even import a list of ISBNs. Sadly, there is no easy way to add items from the item pages.

The only other suggestion I have is to split your list into smaller chunks. I personally have about 7 different wish lists for different purposes. You could put each genre (or some other category - work-related, recommended by friends, seen on the web, authors A-F, etc.) in a separate list, which would make scrolling through a lot quicker. And, moving things between lists is very easy (especially from the compact list view).
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This is going to sound silly, but is it not possible to get it to "show: all" (rather than x number of items per page) and then use control/command-F to pull up your browser's find menu?
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No, there's no way to set how many items per page; it's 25 items max in the standard view. However, the compact view shows at least 35 (that's my biggest list - the true max is probably 50 or something.)

Compact view sorted by title might be as organized as you can get. Plus subdividing into multiple lists.
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