Out in the West Texas town of El Paso...
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What to do in El Paso this Friday...

My wife is dropping me off at ELP at 7 AM on Friday, and picking me up at 9 PM when I return. What do you recommend she does in those 14 hours?

Mrs. walleeguy is well traveled and pretty much able to handle being by herself.

The only thing I can tell you that she will not be doing is going to Juarez.
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Can you give us a little more info on what kind of things she likes to do? That way maybe I can recommend some things that might be suited to her tastes. Too bad it wasn't this last week, the annual Christmas fair was here, my wife loves to go there every year.
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I posted some ideas here.
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Fall in love with a mexican girl (or guy).
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We visited some friends in El Paso last year and they took us to Mesilla, NM. It's an easy drive from El Paso (just over an hour), and a very charming little town. They have a famous and very delicious restaurant called La Posta and some artsy/touristy shopping.
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