One Short Question About Glenn Gould
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Why can't I find "32 Short Films About Glenn Gould" on DVD? I really loved that movie -- a drama/documentary about the brilliant, eccentric Canadian pianist who played the works of J.S. Bach like no one else. I haven't seen it in 10 years though, so I'm not sure how it has held up. I tried to find it recently and it doesn't seem to be available on DVD. There are some VHS tapes on eBay, but I don't want a VHS tape and don't want it bad enough to pay $100 for it (some copies were moving for over $300 on Amazon.) Does anyone know why it (presumably) hasn't been released on DVD? A poor money risk for a studio? Rights problems of some kind? Thanks.
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Best answer: Not a DVD, but Netflix has it on streaming.
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Best answer: It's on DVD. expensive, but out there. Amazon has it. Gould's estate made a deal for the music performance. To be used for a limited DVD run within a certain time period, which is why it hasn't been reissued. It's probably at a library near you.
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It may be at your local library.
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It's on YouTube as well.
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My local indie video store used to have it, but it was never returned, and they said it's too expensive to replace. Ditto for the Cremaster series.
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Best answer: Let me check my VHS box-o-movies. I don't have a VHS player anyhow. I've been offloading on my friends for months, so it might be gone, but if it's not, it's yours.
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I know this indie video rental place in Seattle has it, because I rented it from them.
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It is worth viewing, btw.
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Response by poster: You guys are great. I checked my infrequently-used Netflix account probably six weeks ago and it wasn't available for streaming (or at all) at that time. It's great to see it available there now. I began watching it today and I'm thrilled to be re-acquainted with it. Interesting info about the family and performance rights.
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