Turning china into gold
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I have a set of enamel/china tea cups, the sort you see in Chinese restaurants. I want to paint them gold (or make them gold in some way). What sort of paint/covering/etc would I use?
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Craft stores usually have glass paint. You paint it on and then bake it in your oven to make it food safe. I've never used it, but I've seen the results.
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I copied and pasted this from another answer I gave here a few months ago:

Buy a bunch of white ceramic things at the dollar store (sake cups, piggy banks, espresso cups, bowls, vases, etc, and draw on them and then paint them in with pebeo ceramic markers and paints. You "fire" them in your oven, and they are AWESOME if done right. Louche Lab at Etsy is really good at this. In a similar vein, glass painting....you can buy bulk carafes or vases or shot glasses or whatever....the dollar store is just great for that kind of thing.

You need Pebeo ceramic paints and markers, they're top notch. You bake the pieces in your oven. You can see brush strokes a bit though, the pieces will never be completely smooth as they would if they came straight from the kiln. You can order Pebeo from amazon.com and Dick Blick and several other online stores.
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Response by poster: Would a regular kitchen oven work?
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As it specifically states in both of the tutorials I linked to you, yes. A standard kitchen oven.
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Yes, regular kitchen oven. I don't think that the result is dishwasher safe though, I'm pretty sure you have to hand wash any hand painted items.
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