Title of animated film from 1990s about an escaped bird?
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Anybody remember the name of an animated film from the 1990's about a bird that escaped from a cage? Was very detailed and colorful, with lots of intricate patterns and ornamentation on things. I think it aired on VH1 (back when it still played music) and was French Canadian based on the credits. Story was engaging and very easy to follow, although nobody spoke. Emotion and plot were conveyed strictly through music.
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The only one that comes to mind for me is the NFB's Paradis from the eighties.
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Definitely sounds like something from the NFB, you might want to poke around in their archives (also because their archives are awesome).
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Response by poster: OMG. That was totally it! The second I heard the music and saw the intro, I recognized it. Paradis by Ishu Patel. Unbelievable. Mille fois merci, saucysault! Vraiment, incroyable!
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