Where can I purchase taco bowls?
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Where can I purchase taco bowls like this one?

I love taco salads (AKA tostada salads), the kind that you get in an edible bowl, and I'd like to buy a package of the bowls to have at home so I can make my own taco salad whenever I want. It seems like the terminology is mostly determined by the restaurant serving them, so I am having a really hard time googling. I've also checked in the "international foods" aisles of grocery stores and in various Mexican bodegas in my neighborhood and am having no luck. Can anyone point me towards a brand name that sells a package of these, or a better search term?
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Best answer: Taco Salad Shell.

There's not an off-the-shelf version that has the sublime flaky-crispiness of a flour tortilla shell, but those wouldn't travel at all well - I can barely get one home from a restaurant intact, they'd never survive UPS. There are lots of video tutorials if you google, though, and want to make them yourself, or you might be able to cut a deal with your favorite restaurant to sell you some.
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Best answer: To me those are flour tortilla tostada bowls, and in my experience they're something that many restaurants make daily from scratch by forming the bowls in wire baskets and plunking them down in some hot oil to fry, or into the oven to bake.

This recipe seems reasonably useful:

4 10" flour tortillas
1 spray can of non-stick cooking spray
4 3" foil balls
1 sheet pan

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Make 3" foil balls, spray balls and tortillas with non-stick cooking spray, put foil balls onto sheet pan, lay tortillas over balls, make sure there is enough space between the tortillas so they don’t touch. Bake 5-9 minutes until brown and bubbly. Remove from oven and allow to cool.

Mmmmmm. Tostaaaaaddaaaaa.
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Best answer: I googled "taco bowl mold", hit "shopping" and got the following: http://bit.ly/dzfzB1
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Related to the above search: here are pans for baking tortilla shells. Which is brilliant and I am buying right now.
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Old El Paso makes one, that I have occasionally seen at larger supermarkets and which you can probably order online from Amazon or similar.

They're also very easy to make from your own tortillas. It doesn't take long so you could easily do them on an as-needed basis and it could be ready by the time you're done prepping the other ingredients.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!

For some reason I got it in my head that these must always be deep-fried, so not something I'd be making myself, then got lost down the path of the Old El Paso ones, which were the only ones I could find, but looked like actually taco shells molded into a bowl instead of the flaky awesome real ones. As Lyn Never notes, now that I think about it, what I'm looking for wouldn't ship very well, so I guess I'll be making my own!
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Azteca Salad Shells are sold in the refrigerated section near the other cold tortillas. They're pretty common but not all supermarkets have them, in my experience. They come with little fold-up paper stands and you bake them in the oven.
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