The Most Awesome Movie Training Songs?
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I'd like your help in compiling a workout mix-cd of the most Awesome Cheesily Inspirational songs from movie training sequences. Think "Eye of the Tiger"... or even better, "Hearts on Fire" from the Rocky IV training sequence. And quite possibly the apex: Joe Esposito's "You're the Best" from the Karate Kid. (YOU'RE THE BEST! AROOOUND!) Stuff where you can't help but start going, "Yeah! I'm going to totally train in this montage to kick that guy's ass!" Doesn't even have to be from a training montage, just have that 'feel.'
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There's a sequence like you describe in the film Soul Man where the heretofore lackadaisical protagonist actually decides to get his shit together and study. The chorus of the song is something like "It's totally academic!" and it has all the cheesy 80s chops you're looking for, including the sysnths, the mindless crescendo, and the even more mindless chorals.

Amazon lists the song as "Totally Academic, by Brenda Russel" though you'll have trouble getting a hold of the soundtack.
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Scarface (Push It to the Limit) by Pete Bellotte from Scarface - so cheesy...

Push it to the limit
Walk along the razor's edge
but don't look down, just keep your head
and you'll be finished

Open up the limit
past the point of no return
You've reached the top but still you gotta learn
how to keep it

Hit the wheel and double the stakes
throttle wide open like a bat out of hell
and you crash the gates
(crash the gates)

Going for the back of beyond
Nothing gonna stop you
there's nothing that strong
So close now you're nearly at the brink
so, push it

(Ooo yeah)

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John Waite's "Change" from Vision Quest. Totally.
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No joke, I've had You're the Best stuck in my head for about three weeks now. Be careful what you listen to.
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Someone's gotta say it: Europe's "The Final Countdown" sounds like it belongs in a training sequence. (Don't think it has though.)
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Chariots of Fire, for those slow motion running moments.
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"Montage" from Team America: World Police. Ooh, it takes a montage / Show a lot of things happening at once / Remind everyone of what's gone on / In every shot, show a little improvement / To show it all would take too long / That's called a montage (etc.)
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Sad thing is, I've got Eye of the Tiger and You're The Best on my On-The-Go playlist on my iPod.

Loggin's "Danger Zone" from Top Gun makes me wanna step on the pedal.

Wrestling entrance themes usually spark a bit of "I'm gonna kick your ass" sentiments as well. Think Hogan's "Real American" theme.
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Anything by Survivor. I know "Eye of the Tiger" is a gimme, but think of "Burning Heart." Now imagine punching a heavy bag in time to that. Oh, yeah.

Sounds like you're gonna have an 80's-a-thon!
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Oh my ... brings back my old training tapes for running and rowing which included "Believe It Or Not" (Joey Scarbury) as a segue/a bridge to/from the "heart-pounding" tracks.
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Damn you - or, "bless you" - iTunes ... just downloaded some of the tracks mentioned above!
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I recommended it in another thread: Revv Me Up from an episode of the Venture Bros (click "Brock's Workout Song from Mid-Life Chrysalis"). It's everything you want in a cheesy workout song, and less.

Something by Van Halen would be good too. Maybe "Right Now." I always thought that song should have been used in a training montage.

This is a bit obscure, but "Faith and Muscle" by Rhythm Corps is another good choice.
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ugh. "Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Starship.
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"You Got The Touch" from Transformers: The Movie (and later, "Boogie Nights".)
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It's been a while, but perhaps something from the Toxic Avenger soundtrack?
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To clarify ... "Believe It Or Not" is indeed "cheesy" ... but can work in a mix.

As nyterrant mentions, Vangelis' "Chariots of Fire" soundtrack is/can be right for work-out and transitional phases.

I also recommend that you check out tracks from "John Williams: Summon the Heroes" - the soundtrack for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.
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Some won't think this is cheesy, but I think it is. Totally, inspirationally, cheesy. And I totally get up for it.

"Lose Yourself," by Marshall Mathers aka Slim Shady aka Eminem, from 8 Mile.
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A-Team theme.
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Hero from Footloose.
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Go hit BillBoard and look at the top ten or so of every year in the 80s. Should be a shedload of good bad stuff.
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Andrew WK is all about being pumped up. His "Don't Stop Living in the Red" from I Get Wet is particularly go get 'em inspirational.
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"Number One" by Chaz Jankel from Real Genius.
"One Foot in Front of the Other" by Bone Symphony from Revenge of the Nerds.

I'll keep thinking about this. I know that, with some effort, I'll be able to dislodge a few from my 1980s-era gray matter.
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Fame! I'm gonna live forever!

remem-buh remem-buh remem-buh
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Theme of Laura from the video game Silent Hill 2. No, really. Download it. Its for that really critical time in your workout when you are running on empty, and you need music to reflect that, then push you into working some more.
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Devo, "Workin' in a Coal Mine"
"Lord, I am so tired. How long must this go on?"
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"What a Feeling," also by Irene Cara. Also "Moment of Truth" from Karate Kid (again, Survivor).

As an aside, are there any inspirational music montages that aren't from the 80's?
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For "feel":

"The Heat Is On" by Glenn Frey
"Wheel In the Sky" by Journey
"Rev on the Red Line" by Foreigner
"Turn Me Loose" by Loverboy (I'm thinking of this since I thought of Wet Hot American Summer; they used a spoofy "training montage" song in that called "Higher and Higher" you might find useful)
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Frank Stallone - Far From Over
Styx - Renegade
Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer
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My husband and I did a Patrick Swayze film festival a few nights ago, watching "Dirty Dancing" and "Road House" back to back, since I'd only seen the former and not the latter and he the reverse. Partway through "Dirty Dancing" he turned to me and said "oh, so that's how chick movies do training montages".

He was referring to the song "Hungry Eyes", which plays during the montage where Jennifer Grey is being taught how to dance. It's by 80's crooner Eric Carmen, and it's pretty darn cheesy--especially since it's one of the many places where that film rapidly and painfully switches from circa 1963 R&B and soul to anachronistic 80's synth pop.

And the "Hungry Eyes" music video--included on the DVD--is a guilty pleasure in its own right, featuring every awful 80's music video cliche ever! Including a supermodel with big hair who inexplicably wears a black satin evening dress and long white gloves and pouts at the camera, gets stalked by the male lead singer (Eric Carmen) who sits in the dark at his empty apartment watching home movies of her (and scenes from the film's training montage), and later she poses with a saxophone outside at night (still wearing the dress and gloves) pretending to play the sax solo in the song. Fabulous.

As soon as my husband gets home, I'm totally going to ask him for suggestions for you, because he adores training montages and Joe Bean Esposito and the Stallone brothers.
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(When you said "You're the Best" as an example in your question it earwormed that Tina Turner song into my head. Which could conceivably be used to answer your question also. Dammit, now I have flashbacks of Ricky Gervais doing "pump-you-up" moves and the chorus going on a loop in my head. How will I get to sleep?)
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Won't Get Fooled Again, The Who

I thought for sure this was the song used in American Beauty when he was lifting weights out in the garage, but I checked the soundtrack and it says otherwise. This is a kick ass song though. Keith Moon rulez.

and, It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll), AC-DC. If you can dig it.
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The hubby just got home and came through with flying colors. Actual pumped-up training montage songs:

- "Fight To Survive" by Stan Bush, from "Bloodsport"
- "Anvil of Crom" by Basil Poledouris, from "Conan: The Barbarian"
- "The Payback" by James Brown, from "Dead Presidents", among other films
- "Gracioso" by Moby, from "Any Given Sunday"
- "Now You're A Man", by Trey Parker, from "Orgazmo"

Similar types of songs, though not used as montage themes:

- "Fighting the World" by Manowar
- "You've Got Another Thing Coming" by Judas Priest
- "Name of the Game" or "Starting Over" by The Crystal Method

Also, he says that on the Rocky IV soundtrack CD, there's a secret track called "Training Montage" by Vince DiCola, which was used recently by FOX before Game 7 of the MLB ALCS.
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Anything from Mr T's Be Somebody (or be somebody's fool) album.

or maybe not.
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Dreams by Van Halen, or, as I called it, "I See David Took Both Testicles With Him When He Left, Eh."
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Additionally by Stan Bush and from the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack:

Dare! Dare to believe you can survive,
You hold the future in your hand.
Dare! Dare to keep all of your dreams alive,
It's time to take a stand.
And you can win, if you dare.

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John Farnham - "The Voice" from St. Elmo's Fire (complete with bagpipes!)
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Also check out the Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack. :)
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Finish with the walking away / end credit music from the Incredible Hulk.
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John Parr's "Man In Motion" from St. Elmo's Fire. Hands down.

I can see a new horizon underneath the blazin' sky
I'll be where the eagle's flying higher and higher
Gonna be your man in motion, all I need is a pair of wheels
Take me where my future's lyin', St. Elmo's Fire

And what's with that mixed metaphor? Flying eagles and sky imagery meets "pair of wheels"?
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We can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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Women's training montages are usually of a girl trying on an outfit, discarding, trying on an outfit, discarding. Rinse. Repeat. Then at the end she emerges in something better than all the previous clothes.
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I kinda like 'We Don't Need Another Hero' from Tina Turner and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Maybe that's too ironic for a training montage...
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"Come Out Fighting" by Easterhouse

Oh well there never was anything in my life
that I got just for asking
And I never heard of anything
that was won without a fight
Now I'm in another corner
only the times have changed
a new page is turning over
but the book is just the same

I want to come out fighting
I want to step out fighting
I'm in a head spin waiting for that bell to ring
I want to step out fighting

And howabout a little (grammatically challenged) Prince?

Oh baby I'm a (star)
Might not know it now
Baby but I r, I'm a (star)
I don't want to stop, 'til I reach the top
Sing it! (We are all a star!)

We are all a star!

("Baby I'm A Star" from "Purple Rain" if'n you didn't know.)
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And how could I forget "Fire in the Twilight" by Wang Chung from The Breakfast Club soundtrack??

Hot on the run from the grip of the power game,
The man who leads the way, the man who leads the way.
Shell in it’s box from his home that they’ll never tame,
The man who leads the way, the man who leads the way.

He is burning, burning in the twilight.
He is burning, turning to face us.
He is burning, fire in the twilight.
He is burning, turning to lead us away, away, away,
Lead us away, away, away.

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The theme from "Hoosiers" always makes me want to run the picket fence at 'em.
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"Just a steel-town girl on a Saturday night..."

Maniac from Flashdance. Sooooo '80s.
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"Race for the Prize" or "Turn It On" by The Flaming Lips.
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Hah, this is awesome. With this arsenal of tunes, all I need to do is find a wise yet unassuming teacher and get into an argument with my girlfriend about how I can't win.
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Slightly out of context maybe, but "Powertrip" by Monster Magnet?
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Hearty encouragement for the previously mentioned "Higher and Higher" from Wet Hot American Summer. I don't think it is available anywhere, at least I've never found a copy, but it's PERFECT for these purposes.

and the film in general is EXCELLENT, imho. Definitely worth a rental.
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John Farnham's "Break the Ice", from the Rad soundtrack. Good luck finding that one!
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I can't believe "Over The Top" by Sammy Hagar hasn't been mentioned yet.

*glares at dong_resin*
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The Chicago Bulls theme music: "Sirius" by The Alan Parsons Project.

"Jump" by Van Halen.
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It may not precisely fit the conventional mold, but "My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)" by The Ramones made a fantastic training-montage song in "School of Rock".
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Duh. This hit me all at once.

"We're Not Gonna Take It" - Twisted Sister.

Someday, I'll run for office with that as a campaign song.

"One Vision" by Queen.

Ironically, both songs on the Iron Eagle soundtrack.
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Theme song from Gattaca played during the scene where Ethan Hawke swims in the ocean with his brother at the end of the movie...
"You want to know how I did it? This is how I did it, Anton. I never saved anything for the swim back. "
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I've enjoyed this thread more than any in a long time, and I feel I must add to the cheese.

I've always been a big fan of the "inspiration" that oozes from the title track of the schlocky movie "The Last Dragon." I *think* that either the title track or the reprise is the training/comeback song for the character "Bruce Leroy" as he works to make his comeback on "Sho 'Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem". I only have it on vinyl, so I haven't heard it in years. (Ah, where's a turntable when I need one to rip these gems to the iPod?)

"You are the last dragon, you possess the power of the glow (of the glow, the glow...)"
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Homestarrunner did one of the best spoofs of inspirational (and otherwise) montages in this Strongbad email.
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Oh, TeamBilly reminded me of another one: "I Want It All" by Queen.
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Whoah, how did this one not get mentioned:

Cake - Going the Distance

Reluctantly crouched at the starting line,
Engines pumping and thumping in time.
The green light flashes, the flags goes up,
Churning and burning, they yearn for the cup...

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You can do it Stan. We believe in you.
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Battle Without Honor and Humanity from the first Kill Bill soundtrack has a real Rocky feel to it. It's on my gym mix.
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You are going to offer the mix-cd to us, right?
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Let's Hear it for the Boy!
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It may be a little late for additions but I just got back from a workout with a friend and found another song that would fit – “Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”
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