Somebody set up me the nvidia, please?
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Please help me find a nvidia GPU for my three-year-old Shuttle SG31G2 computer.

Three years ago you helped me build a SG31G2 Shuttle computer with a nvidia 7900 GT card. Now the card is giving up the ghost, and I need to get a nvidia-based replacement that will fit inside the case and within my financial and power budgets.

At the Sudhian forum I have found the answer for those who like ATI, but I run Ubuntu most of the time, and I prefer nvidia. This other thread would answer my question if it weren't 18 months old, an eternity in GPU years. Also I am overwhelmed by the minute differences in makes and models and memory sizes.

Size: It should be a single-slot cooler solution, and not too long.

Money: Under $150 is good, under $100 is better. I was generally happy with the 7900's performance except that 256Mb wasn't enough memory to drive bigger games like GTA4. I might be buying this one in the States and have a friend ship it, so links to US stores are OK.

Power: The 7900 GT draws around 50 W and has worked with my power supply for three years. Anything in that range is good, I guess.

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Best answer: I outsource all my hardware decisions to Tom's Hardware. Their review of the new Nvidia GT 430 is positive as seem to be other reviews on the net. It's priced below $100, will fit in your case and is said to run even more intensive games with decent fps. It's certainly better than your 7900 gt.
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Best answer: Actually, from what I see at newegg, there aren't any card faster than the gt 430 in a single-slot version yet. And the 430 is much slower than an 8800 GT, which is still giving modern cards a run for their money. So if I were you I'd go with a single-slot 9800 GT, which is the same card as the 8800 GT (Nvidia numbering conventions are insane). There's also a single-slot GTS 250 (basically a rebranded 9800 GTX) by Sparkle on Newegg, but I'm not sure I'd buy a Sparkle videocard.
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(And by "cards faster than the GT 430", I mean current generation Nvidia cards, like the GTS 450). As for memory, 512 MB should be enough, but there's this Zotac card if you want 1 GB.
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You should also check that the 9800GT fits into your case. If it doesn't, the GT 240 with GDDR5 (not DDR3) would give you superior performance to the 430.
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