Meditation technique that escapes my grasp.
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I'm looking for more information on a meditation method called integrative body–mind training.

I've been running across the occasional reference to this method for a few years now, but I have yet to read anything more than a vague description of it. I've found this paper and this paper, but neither give enough detail to reproduce the technique.

Is there a book somewhere, or, better yet, the CD that is mentioned in the papers that I can get a hold of?

Does anyone know anything about this that I can't google up myself?
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E-mail the authors at the university of oregon. review of the literature indicates it involves body-awareness with regular 'mindfulness' mediation, which I assume is vipassana meditation.
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One of the linked papers is co-authored by Yi-yuan Tang along with Michael Posner.

Dr. Tang's site.
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