Ipod won't sync to my Itunes. Any ideas?
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Ipod won't sync with my itunes library. What can I do to fix this?

I have a new classic Ipod that I've had for only a year. No problems at all syncing my music in my library to this ipod. Until now. I tried syncing some new music to it recently and for some reason it crashed and deleted everything off my ipod. Now I'm trying to re-sync my entire library but everytime it starts syncing, it keeps giving me all of these error messages "Cannot Sync *title of song* To Ipod". It wouldn't be the same song either, it would be random songs. I have 5000 songs and it only syncs 200.

Everytime I re-plug my ipod to the computer (I have Windows 7), it tells me that I need to scan and fix it. I do that, it says it found problems and fixed them. I try to re-sync my ipod, and the same thing happens again. and I have to re-scan and fix it again. It also keeps giving me this error message "Ipod Cannot Be Synced. A Duplicate File Name Was Specified". I've restored my ipod three times and that doesn't help at all. I've also updated my Itunes to Itunes 10 and that just seems to make things worse.

I'm getting really really pissed because it seems like I'm going around in a circle and I have no idea whether or not any of my music files are corrupted, or if my ipod is damaged or if it's just an Itunes bug.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
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This sounds very similar to what happened to me. The iPod control files kept corrupting I think. I was able to fix it a couple of times using things like this (basically scanning the disk and fixing file errors), but it never stayed fixed. I tried different computers, different cords, different versions of iTunes, none of that made any difference. After wasting a couple of days messing with it I took it back to the Apple store, who confirmed that the hard drive was damaged and replaced it.

So yeah, I'd say the error is with your iPod's hard drive and if fixing the file errors doesn't fix the problem, or stay fixed, then you're probably out of luck. Is it in warranty? If so then skip the messing around and just take it back.
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Darn, I messed up my link. It was supposed to go here: http://www.chromewalker.com/cw_six/?p=148 Also, google for the exact error message you have and you'll get more specific advice if that doesn't work.
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