Looking for a specific ring for my sister. Mine.
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I have a ring that I love. My sister loves it too. Problem is, I don't know where to find another similar one for her, and I'd like to keep mine.

I bought this ring some years ago (5?) at a Lord & Taylor in Burlington, MA. It was in the sale bin. It was about $50. It's a rutilated quartz ring with "diamonds". I'm sure the diamonds aren't real, and I'm sure it's not real gold. The quartz is real. It has no markings so I don't know how to find another one like it, but my sister loves it so much, and I'd love to be able to get her one and keep mine. Any ideas on identifying this ring and finding another or one similar? I don't have a receipt or a label or a box.


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I would write to one of these people selling ruitilated quartz jewelry on etsy and ask if they can custom make a ring for you.
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Best answer: Etsy alchemy?

(sorry I'm too lazy to look up a link. Shouldn't be hard to find though)
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Any jeweler could do one up. And they'd probably find it more fun than the workaday routine of repairs and resizing.
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Best answer: I know it's obvious but I would set up a search notification on ebay because there's a TON of rutilated quartz rings listed. Some are sort of similar.
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Seconding etsy alchemy...should be able to get a few bids
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