How do I change the normal template of microsoft word permanently?
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How do I change the Normal template of Microsoft Word to a single space between sentences automatically?

Every time I open a new Word document, I have to go to "format" then "paragraph" then change the spacing from 10 to 0. This annoys me to no end. Is there a way to permanently have a document with a single spacing? Am I forever in a situation where I need to do this manually each time?
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What version of Word?
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Well, here are the instructions for Word 2003. In Word 2007, format your text how you like it, select it, then right click the Normal style on the Home tab of the ribbon and select "update to match selection".
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After you change the format to how you want it, click "Default" at the bottom of the Paragraph formatting dialog box. It will ask if you want to make the current settings the default for the Normal Template. Say yes.
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