Replacing the Microsoft Office "Ribbon" With a Menu
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Microsoft Office 2007 filter: Can you recommend a program/plugin (or the like) which will replace the "ribbon" interface with a traditional menu interface? Free is ideal, but for-pay is okay, too. Running Windows XP. Thanks.
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Best answer: Here ya go. Works for 07 or 10
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Here is the search command feature here in case your ribbon substitute does not satisfy I found this very helpful in working with the ribbon.
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This one saved my life ( and gave me serious geek cred at the office)

The starter edition is free and has the 'classic ui' feature that will add a classic menu to the current ribbon.
It is awesome.
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The book "Excel 2007 for Dummies" has a section on how to customize Excel 2007 to look and act like Excel 2003.
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