Cruisin' in the MINI
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Mini Cooper drivers! I need your help!

I posted this a while back. Since then, the wife and I have decided that what I need out of a car, first and foremost, is fuel economy and enjoyment on my extra long commute. We just bought her a used Pontiac Vibe—so our cargo needs are met—and so I'm looking beyond the Fit.

In a word, I've driven a MINI Cooper. Wow. Wow wow wow. I'm so hooked.

However, the one I'm looking at doesn't have the Multi-Function Steering Wheel. I forgot to check it if has cruise, so my question is: if a Cooper doesn't have the MFSW, does it also no have cruise as a rule? Second question is: can a dealer install the MFSW and cruise at any cost, or is that a factory only kind of thing? Thanks!
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Response by poster: Forgot to mention it's a used 2005 Cooper One (or base.)
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I am a former (2005) MINI owner and mine had the MFSW so I can't recall if it was available without it. However, as I can't find a link to the standard options readily online at the moment, you could check out North American Motoring, a MINI enthusiast forum, and I'm sure someone could answer your question quickly if no one else chimes in here.

Also, I agree that the allure of the MINI is powerful but if you decide to pursue this particular vehicle or any other used MINI, I would recommend getting it thoroughly checked/inspected (as you would with any other vehicle) due to the fact that the car is most likely out of warranty and scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance to MINIs can be expensive. Have fun, I can't wait to have a MINI again in the future!
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I am reaching into the dark recesses of my memory here, but I think that cruise control was the only reason I got the MFSW when I ordered my 2007 Justacooper. Meaning, I didn't care about the radio controls, and I don't have bluetooth/cell integration, so why else would i have included it in my order?

But yeah, check with the folks at NAM to confirm... your 2005 and my 2007 are different generations, so YMMdefinitelyV.
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Best answer: Yes you need the MFSW. I think it is vaguely possible to retro-fit the MFSW but the cost is likely to be so high that it would be significantly cheaper to just trade the car for one that already has it.

There are aftermarket cruise controls (non-mini) but I wouldnt recommend that route.

One thing people tend to forget is that apart from all the extra switches and gizmos, the MFSW is just a really nice steering wheel.
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