Horrible, abrasive, electronic music with no people in it? Got you covered, brah!
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I'm looking for electronic music with a huge, abrasive, stomping, unstoppable sound like this and this and this and maybe this.


also, I'd prefer recommendations of specific tracks over artists.
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wolfgang gartner, deadmau5, daft, mstrkrft, diplo, pyrda, dada life, adam freeland
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Cylob - Smack Em Up Sharp and Griller Warfare

A lot of Cylob stuff is in this vein, honestly. Those are just a couple tracks.
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Let me introduce Autechre. I think they pretty much invented this genre.
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Particularly, Cylob's Ventolin remix is nasty dot-matrix fun.
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Response by poster: Hmm, interesting, but I'm looking for for the huge and heavy sound than the "I'm on Warp Records and I can twist a sample 5000 ways" sound (which is great, but not what I'm looking for).

Probably should have been more clear on that, sorry!
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So you're looking for industrial music?
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Some of Pan Sonic's tracks, perhaps?
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Response by poster: Well, not quite industrial -- something a bit more up-to-date, less guitars, less screaming dudes and more creative sample/synth/production, but definitely not Autechre. There IS a lot of industrial that could fall into what I'm looking for, but there's also a lot of electro, dance, etc that could be there.

Looking over Hurst's suggestions, Adam Freeland's "hate" is pretty close, Wolfgang Gartner's Fire Power would be the very dancy far-edge of this distribution.
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Burn the Clock, Adam Freeland
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L-Vis 1990 - Compass
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Manibus or Dark Soho for the more trance-y end of things. Maybe some FLA. For noisy, Converter, Antigen Shift, Iszoloscope, ESA, Tarmvred and Imminent. For more full-on crazy, there's DJ Producer or the odd Swamp Terrorists track.
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(in the interests of full disclosure, i should say that i did tour with iszoloscope for five weeks or so this summer. but that doesn't make his music any less awesome.)
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I don't know if this works, but this is the first thing that came to mind after I read your description, but not watching the videos. It's pretty different from what you have in the videos, but it is unstoppable and pounding pounding techno music. Not as much bassline. Just straight-up driving Detroit Techno.

Also, Boys Noize - & Down
And from the heavy ridiculous dubstep side (possibly a little too slow):
Broken Note - Mortal Bass
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Thomas Bangalter - Extra Dry
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Two Fingers is a side project of Amon Tobin, I believe. Some of his other stuff might be to your liking.

Golfer vs. Boxer from the Supermodified album.
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I can't remember if they have vocals, but SunnO))) comes to mind. This Heat isn't..."electronic" per se (they were way ahead of the game back in the '70s) but their instrumental tracks are often brutal, intense, and a-may-zing ("Horizontal Hold").
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Erol Alkan - He did a great remix of another Justice track.
Shameboy - From Belgium.
Some of Amon Tobin's work, although it might not quite be raw enough.
Dilinja - Classic, although some of the tracks do have short spoken word intros and it might be a bit stale.
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T.Raumschmiere - The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle (The whole album is like that.)
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Boys Noize and Erol Alkan are both good choices in this style. Also Alter Ego.
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Does it Offend You, Yeah? - Weird Science

It's lighter, but check out their one release. There's lyrics on a couple of songs, but I recently saw them sans vocalist and it was still a damn good show.
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Two I could recommend would be

John Hopkins - Insides

Reznor - Driver Down.

And if you'll allow me 6 words of a vocal in a sample... Kid 606 - Dancehall of the Dead (Kanji Kenetic Remix)
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Response by poster: John Hopkins - Insides

Have you seen the live one? I think it's just that much more amazing...

These suggestions are AWESOME, higher quality and quantity than I could have hoped for! I'm listening to every last one... Please, keep 'em coming. Thanks!
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Can I recommend you some Ad·ver·sary? No Exit and Number Nine would fit. (And yes, he's in this thread...)
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The Prodigy -- Voodoo People (Pendulum Mix)

The Prodigy -- Invaders Must Die

Mux Mool -- Night Court

Fuck Buttons' entire catalog would probably be to your liking. Also, for some reason, I keep thinking of Battles which is rhythmically very similar to most of what is being mentioned in this thread, even though it's quite distant from "horrible and abrasive."
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What Jairus said. I also suggest Winterkälte and on the more IDM-y side of things, Somatic Responses and Speedy J. The operative term for the more grindy, distorted, atonal stuff is "power noise" or "rhythmic industrial".

The "Maschinenfest" compilations from the Pflichtkauf label are a good place to start if you like what you hear.
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Sounds like A New Error and Nr. 22 by Moderat might be a good fit on the dancier side.

And maybe some "witch house" like Asia by SALEM or, if you can excuse their occasional vocal samples and (uhhh) abrasive band and track names, ✝ DE△D VIRGIN ✝ (F△i†H)
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Noisia is pretty hardcore stuff.
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Two from the house & breaks vaults, because there aren't many things more abrasive than a saw and a siren, and they are both huge, stomping tracks.

Cirrus - Stop & Panic (DJ Micro Remix)

Armand Van Helden - Necessary Evil.

Another vote for early Pendulum, although they do rely on some (short) vocal samples.

Also, I just couldn't resist putting in a mention for another Tobin track I was trying to think of earlier. The break starts around 3:30, huge beat drops about a minute later. Great thread, I've picked up quite a few new tunes.
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Rollin' and Scratchin' by Daft Punk, which goes very well with Stress by Justice. Both of those songs make me type about a hundred miles an hour.
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The Wretch might fit the bill. There's a great sample here.
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The genre you're looking for is Big Beat... think pre-millenial over-the-top electronica war-horses - Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Crystal Method, Daft Punk - kind of sound.
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I don't know if you're already familiar with everything by Justice but Waters of Nazareth.

Check out all the tracks on Ed Rec Vol 1 & 2, Mr. Flash, Krazy Baldhead, DJ Mehdi, SebastiAn, Vicarious Bliss, Feadz. I can't guarantee no lyrics though, they all throw in the occasional uh and yeah.

Maybe glitch mob? Bloody Beetroots?

Boyz Noize.

Based on your examples you might be looking for some kind of dubstep like this ~1:14.
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Not so stompy but here's Ben Frost. And Crystal Castles, though there's voice I can't make it out so not sure that counts as lyrics. And of course, Merzbow.
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Check our Thunder by Dave Clarke off of the album Archive One. Youtube doesn't have this one, but I'm sure you can find it. Squarepusher might be your style. Jeff Mills rules but probably isn't your style. Note all these selections are dated due to my tastes shifting away from techno in the last decade.
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AHH dobbs, I dropped in to recommend Ben Frost, too. But my song is different so there.

The end of Windowlicker by Aphex Twin

Some kinds of breakcore also fit into this description.
Venetian Snares - Hospitality
Venetian Snares - Pwntendo
Venetian Snares - Vache
Drumcorps - Saddest (Remix of Converge's "The Saddest Day", screamed vocals)

Just realized how much I miss stuff like this.
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Rockit by Bad Boy Bill
Executive Memo by Hystereo
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Response by poster: Based on your examples you might be looking for some kind of dubstep like this ~1:14.

Loved that (and the vast majority of what has been recommended here). Thanks, all...
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I happened to stumble across The Bug - Tune In while looking for stuff like the Two Fingers song myself.
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If you like Justice, try to find their Planisphére EP. It's rare, but probably very much up your alley.
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