UK suits for the broader gentleman
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UK shopping: looking for an interview suit for an average height bloke who is, ah, more generously built. None of the shops in Medium Sized Town have anything that's really big enough, so it's probably going to have to be online. And any general advice for suit-buying for the larger bloke is welcome!

As an extra problem, he's currently unemployed so really doesn't have a lot to spend on a suit - if he did I'd be thinking about made to measure ones.

I don't know his sizing, but I'd guess waist around 50" (which to me is the important bit, as you can always leave your jacket open).
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Best answer: He'll get a suit for about £100 at Jacamo.
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if he did I'd be thinking about made to measure ones.

There's a middle ground. Any reasonable tailor can adjust gangly suits that aren't so cheap they're made poorly (and thus likely to break when adjusted). Many (including mine) also sell "stock" suits that they don't make but are high quality and are then perfectly adjusted for size by the tailor. I have one like this and though it worked out to a cpl hundred pounds, that's nothing like true bespoke prices..
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While only tangentially related to your question, there is a tumblr blog called Big Boy Fashion that is collection of stylish big guys. If you go back to earlier pages, there are more "dress" looks, both suits and separates. It might be inspirational with regards to accessories and styling options.
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When I went shopping for suits with a similarly shaped man at a discount retailer that had a huge suit section. we discovered that in the US there were at least 3 cuts of suit - regular, athletic and portly. Athletic is cut for wide shoulder + chest and smaller waist and portly was cut to accommodate a belly. Any alterations will be much much easier if you're starting off from the right shape. They sewed on buttons to the inside waistband of the suit so that suspenders could be used as the suit pants are supposed to be worn at waist level not under the beer gut level like some larger men wear their pants and the suspenders would do a better job holding them up than a belt. Good luck I hope you can find a big / tall shop that might have a similar cut of suit.
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Just wanted to add that the person I was shopping with has a similar waist size and is average height and the portly cut suits fit perfectly form shoulder to waist. all they had to do was adjust jacket and pant cuffs so they might be able to find jackets that will button up.
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Best answer: 1) the US suit shopping experience and suit mentality do not transfer to the UK high street for fat blokes, who are much better catered for in the US.

2) IME if M&S do not do his size he's either on the Internet or to pay reasonable cash at High&Mighty at a nearby town

3) if expense is an issue, consider a decent pair of 50" trousers at High&Mighty and non-matching jacket, maybe a blazer, from M&S - they might not go above 42" waiters for trousers but they go to 50" chests in most items. That would give him the option of light legs and a dark torso which can be useful for us fat blokes.
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