After The Middleman, what should we watch next?
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After watching The Middleman: The Complete Series, my girlfriend and I are despondent that we're done--there's no second season. What TV series should we watch next? (We learned about The Middleman from this question that I asked previously.)
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Doctor Who. Start with the first new season, or the most recent (the fifth). It's all pretty great stuff.
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Best answer: Have you watched The Tick? It's available streaming on Netflix, and the feeling is very much like The Middleman. (Also, have you gotten the comic of the unfilmed finale? There's also a table read of the script from Comic-Con from a couple years back.)
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Best answer: I too loved that show, and I've found Pushing Daisies has the same quick-wittedness and similar sense of a world mostly like this but also different in a fun way.
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Firefly - Joss Whedon - Netflix!
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Best answer: Better Off Ted - half hour sitcom with science lab hijinks but will break your heart since it was cancelled after 2 seasons and only season 1 is on DVD. My husband says it has a Dilbert surrealness like quality. ("Like Old Dilbert.")

Fringe - hour drama that's like the X-Files but it's got its funny moments, your weird science, and has some kickass women.

Community - half hour sitcom that's funny, has heart and pop culture references/homages galore.
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Best answer: Eureka and Warehouse 13 might work for you-- science-gadget/ mad-science shows.

But, definitely, The Tick.
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Seconding Pushing Daisies, Firefly, Fringe, Eureka and Doctor Who.

I'd also like to add Ultraviolet (really cool British miniseries involving vampires), Primeval, Demons and Torchwood.
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I'd also recommend Being Human, an interesting BBC sitcom/drama about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost sharing an apartment. It's less zany than the description lets on, but it's very well done; there are some really good story arcs that elevate the series above the normal level of writing.
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Slight derail: There exists a Middle Man graphic novel that wraps up the series.
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