Help me find my dream jacket
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I love everything about this jacket except its material. Where can I find something similar that doesn't look like a sweatshirt?

I'm looking for a dark brown jacket that has buttons instead of a zipper and that isn't bulky. Something that doesn't look like it was made only for winter.

I think what I'm looking for is a blazer but with more buttons. I just can't find it. The above linked jacket is perfect in style, but the material makes it look (to me) like a hoodie or sweatjacket, and that's not what I'm going for. I think corduroy would be ideal.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I know my dream jacket is out there somewhere, but I'm going crazy looking for it.
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What about this one from Land's End Canvas? You might also try searching for "shirt jacket", which will get you things in wool, cotton, and/or corduroy that are probably what you're looking for.
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The site isn't working for me right now, but you should also check out L.L. Bean Signature.
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Here is the L. L. Bean Signature version, in corduroy with a wool lining.
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Response by poster: Thanks, rossination. I've seen the first one. I should have mentioned that I need side pockets for the hands.

Good call on searching for 'shirt jacket'. I'm already seeing some promising sites.
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I like this one, but quite a bit more money than the bean jacket.
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Might as well have the best and get something from Filson! My husband is a fan of the whipcord (which is not a corduroy it's more of a twill) cruiser and wears one year round adding a wool vest in the winter.
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