Can you ID this still life painting?
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Meta-art-historians: Can anyone help me identify this luminous still life painting? The fruit is almost old-masterish, but the cocktail glass with the pink liquid looks more modern. What do you think is the liquid in the glass?
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Any information on where it's from?

Without context, my guess is that it's a random art student. Light and shadow are just done with white and black, and there's no real attempt to handle transparency. Could be modern, but it's most definitely not old-master, or even classical oil technique.
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It reminds me of paintings I saw by, as cmoj said, random art students in the 80's, particularly the heavy-handed white highlights on the fruit.
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André Cold Duck?
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The pink liquid looks to me like an amateurish attempt at rendering red or rose wine.

Unless you have more information/context about it, I find it virtually impossible to imagine that this is a "historical" painting of any kind.
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It's modern, trashy commercial art. The kind of formulaic stuff that is sold to tourists in Paris from market stalls. It's 1970's at the very earliest. The colours are absolutely horrendous.
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Sorry, I'm also chiming in with amateurish, likely 1980's, vernacular painting. The perspective of the table edge is bothering me, especially where the grapes are hanging off. Without context, identifying it more specifically will be impossible.

FWIW, I clicked on the link before reading the comments here, and agree pretty much 100%
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Response by poster: Ha, such a shame to find out my old master is just couch art. BTW, the source was the RetinaHD Wallpapers from the Apple app store. I'm guessing the liquid is Hawaiian Punch.
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It's also either wine or a cocktail in a pilsner glass, which, no, definitely not anything actually from olden times. Also obviously chemical pigments in the paint.
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New reverse image-search websites may make these questions a lot easier to answer. I tried the two I know of -- Tineye and Gazopa. Tineye (usually the better one in my experience) came up blank, but Gazopa made a reasonable suggestion -- perhaps this is the artist.
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