Firefox, find words in this list!
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Is there any way to get Firefox to search the text on a web page for multiple items -- say, words in a list? (Aside, of course, from manually typing each word into the Find box, one word at a time.)

Say I go to a web page listing Movies Currently Playing In My Area. I want to find out if any of these movies are on my List of Movies I Want To See. Is there any way to get Firefox to search the text on the page for words and phrases from my list? Ideally, I'd like FF to just highlight all the found phrases. FF extensions, bookmarklets, whatever, all welcome. I'm running FF 3.6.12 on Win Vista. (I've looked, and the Googles, the Firefox Extensions, they return nothing.)
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Use the google toolbar. Enter your search terms using and click the highlight button. You can enter all the terms at once or past them in from another file. I just tried it on this page and it works fine.
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Googlebar lite. And highlight.

Ack, beaten on preview.
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Either Googlebar or Googlebar Lite provides the solution. Thanks!
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