How should I show my gratitude to my rad HR department?
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How should I show my appreciation to my HR department for a job well done in extending my work visa? What is appropriate?

A couple of people in my HR department worked hard to help me extend my work visa (in the US). What is an appropriate gesture to say 'thank you'? Would a decent bottle of wine each be too much? Would a heartfelt thank you email be too little?

Guidance and/or anecdotes from experience much appreciated.
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I'd say a snacky food item for the department to share (box of donuts, fruit basket, homemade muffins, etc.) strikes the right balance.
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Baked goods for sure!
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I would say go for quality chocolates. Really nice chocolates.
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If it is one or two people and they have been particularly awesome I don't think a professional buying of dinner would be out of the question. It depends on your business atmosphere. If it is, they will tell you it is inappropriate (they are HR!).
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chocolate chip without nuts and oatmeal with raisins.
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I would say, "Thank you so much!"

I would not give them a delicious thank-you bribe.
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I would go for the chocolates for the team, but also write a formal memo ccing their boss. This memo should emphasize the continuity of business practice enabled by their work, and thank them for the professionalism with which they performed their duties.
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I think a bottle of wine each is too personal. I agree with something delicious for the group, and a note commending their professional awesomeness suitable for filing.
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From working in HR I can say that yes, baked goods are nice, we always enjoy them BUT this job often feels quite thankless so I think it would be awesome if you included a note or even just a statement when you drop off cookies. We really really REALLY love to hear about it when something goes well. Much of our job is tediousness (and Visas are EXTREMELY tedious) so knowing that all that work meant something to you means a lot to us.
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I used to do exactly this in my old job, and I would have loved a heartfelt note, maybe some flowers. Sitting in a chair all day every day - I would not have wanted one more thing to eat, but every office where I ever worked was a hotbed of calories.
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As an HR person, I just want to chime in to say that this is a wonderful, gracious idea. HR can be an incredibly thankless job: people are always quick to criticize and complain if something's done wrong, but they rarely express any gratitude for a job well done or for the HR person who goes above and beyond to assist them. I have no doubt that, whatever you decide to do, the team will appreciate your acknowledgment.
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I gave (what I thought was) a nice souvenir from my country, in a gift box with a thank-you note, to the HR person who slogged through my visa. It seemed to be appreciated. If you're from further afield than Canada, maybe that's an option to consider?
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