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Recommend: Head/earphones with mic for new Touch 4G... BUT

Recommend: Head/earphones with mic for new Touch 4G... BUT I hate the in-ear-canal ones... no dick-in-the-ear phones for me, thank you.

Obviously, better audio quality is better, but realistically, I know you can only do so much with earbuds. More important is the quality of the mic. I'm open to expanders, but I don't want to fuss with a million pieces, which is why something that works well and is incorporated into decent head/earphones would be great.
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OK, looking around, I found the Sennheiser HD 218i... anyone know if these work, and how well, with the Touch 4G? I also found the Bose MiE2i, but not only do they cost a great deal more, but I hate Bose and the reviews seem bad...
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I don't have a personal recommendation but if you haven't already, have a look round HeadRoom. This and the YuinPK2 might, for example, fit your needs.
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Thanks, firstdrop, I'll look over the HeadRoom link (neither the YuinPK2 nor the AT have a mic, though).
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The HeadRoom link had nothing. But I did find a negative review of the Sennheiser HD218i, and according to Apple it doesn't work with the Touch 4G anyway, so the search continues. Wow, I'm talking to myself here... apparently not many people on mf must use such headphones :)
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