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I'm looking for a restaurant in the Denver area that will satisfy both meat eaters and vegetarians. I would like it to not be too pricey, but I'm willing to spend a bit more to get an epic meal. I would prefer to avoid Boulder, if at all possible. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Sheppagus, you are in luck as there are scads of them. Denver is pretty hip to vegetarianism depsite it's cowtown reputation. In fact, most restaurants in Denver offer vegetarian selections.

If you don't mind trendy Lodo (and its crowds) you could always visit the Wynkoop Brewery (started by developer, restauranteer, and now Mayor John Hickenlooper).

You could also try the Highlands neighborhood: Heidi's Deli is is absolutely wonderful and uses fresh baked bread from the Denver Bread Company. It's much more casual. Just up the street is Stella Trattoria, and Bang! - both have fantastic menus, with the latter featuring home style comfort food (with Veggie options) and the former featuring wonderful pasta's and sauces. Stella is a little pricier, but a lovely meal.

Tosh's Hacienda near Five Points has lovely (vegetarian) New Mexico Green Chile and other veggie friendly entrees.

If you wish to travel to suburbia, i.e. Arvada/ Wheatridge, you could try the Gemini.

Are there any neighborhoods or cuisines in which you are particularly interested? Are you new to Denver?
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You might try asking your question at Chowhound as well. The southwest region message board appears to be the place to talk about Denver eats.
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Wolf’s Barbeque has some of the best bones and smoked tofu in the Western U.S.
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Response by poster: I'm not new to Denver so much as I'm new to finding something vegetarian friendly.

Thank you so much for all the suggestions. I will have them handy and whip them out when everyone starts the whole "I don't care - what do you want" thing that happens when groups of people dine together.
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Can a discussion involving "Epic, Denver and Dining" be complete without mention of Casa Bonita? I think them cheeze whiz enchiladas would qualify as vegetarian.
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Oh, god, BST, Casa Bonita. I went to visit my family in Denver a couple of years ago and insisted that we go there, since I had such good memories of that place from my youth. Holy hell.

My favorite restaurants in Denver area:
Monterrey House (can't remember the streets, but something like Kipling and 27th or something -- for the love of god don't go by that) is possibly my favorite mexican food place ever. Possible to eat vegetarian, but only in the mexican-food vegetarian way, you know?

Gordo's at Sheridan and 6th Avenue -- more outstanding mexican food, and more vegetarian friendly

Valente's on Colfax (west of Wadsworth) has some really, really good, solid, stick-to-your-ribs italian.

Oh, and this is NOT a good vegetarian place, although they do now have one (1) vegetarian entree, but everyone should go to The Fort in Morrison at least once.
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Parisi in North Denver at 44th & Tennyson has incredible food. I practically lived there for several weeks after I first found it. They have some of the best sandwiches I've ever tasted. Vegetarians try the one with grilled eggplant, roasted red pepper, sauteed spinach, provolone & balsamic vinegar, I think it's called the Compagna. Incredible. Lots of choices for everyone. The meat sandwiches are awesome too, lots of interesting combos. Also pizzas you've never seen anywhere else & a nice atmosphere & oh my, save room for Italian Ice Cream.

Swing Thai on Colorado. Blvd or Alameda has many items that can be ordered with shrimp, chicken or tofu.
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