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Washing a Manhattan Portage bag

I am kind of dumb about how to clean things. I'm learning, I'm trying, I'm a little embarrassed to be asking so simple a question. So: I've got a Manhattan Portage bag that got soaked in a rainstorm and now smells very slightly funky/moldy. I do not want to have a bag that smells either funky or moldy on my person all the time. I'm pretty sure they can't be machine-washed. As such, what's the best way to demoldyfunkify my bag?
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I have machine washed my Manhattan Portage bag. It was fine.

On the other hand, I recently machine washed another (kinda beat up) bag, and it burst a seam.
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Best answer: I have a Manhattan Portage and a Bailey Bag. I wash them both occasionally. Throw it in the washer, set the load size to "small" and the temp to "cold." Use only a little mild detergent, or even none. Because you have the mold smell, I recommend throwing in a half cup of white vinegar (really) - it takes away moldy smell and it doesn't leave any vinegar smell behind.

Don't put it in the dryer - instead, I hang mine over the back of a chair so air can circulate inside it, leaving all the zippers and flaps open.
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Best answer: I've got a Manhattan Portage bag that I've been carrying around for four years, and it's sturdy enough that I wouldn't hesitate to run it through the washer. In fact, I've been meaning to wash that thing for a while - I'll do it this weekend and let you know if it falls apart.

If you really don't want to risk the washing machine, soak it in a bowl of warm water and a detergent meant for hand-washing. Gently squeeze out as much water as you can before letting it hang to dry, because if it stays damp it'll just get funkier.
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Best answer: I washed my Manhattan Portage bag several times in the washer and then hung it to dry. It was fine and looked great afterwards.
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Are you talked about the waxed canvas ones? They'd need to be re-waxed as well. Why don't you just email them?
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Best answer: I've got a fabric one (I have no idea which model) and after it got soaked in soda water (the booze being long since gone) I chucked it in the washing machine on cold, and then let it dry on the back of a chair. Still works great, no obvious damage.
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Response by poster: machine washed it, hung it to dry, it came through fantastic. The dire warnings on the Manhattan Portage web page about machine washing and the terrible things it will do to your bag do not in fact seem terribly truthful.
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