Best 4g broadband deal in Seattle?
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4g Wireless broadband in Seattle: I'm considering replacing my Qwest DSL with 4g wireless broadband. (A cable modem solution isn't available in my building.) Also, I think I'd be purchasing the home modem version of the plan upon which I decide. I have plenty of mobile internet with my iPhone. Fast enough to stream netflix is my benchmark. It seems like Sprint is the best deal. What say you? Thanks!
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The only way to know for sure is to try it. In the US, mobile service providers are required to honor a 14-day "buyer's remorse" period, during which you can cancel your contract, return your equipment, and have all payments refunded. This is one of the very few consumer protections one gets around these parts.

(And remember, the current "4G" offerings are nowhere near actual 4G speeds. The ITU defines a 4G service as one with peak mobile data rates ≈100Mbps and peak stationary data rates ≈1Gbps.)
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Best answer: I switched from Qwest DSL to Sprint's 4G in Mpls/St. Paul and I love it. I got the mobile overdrive device or whatever they call it.

Configuring the device at first was a bit of a headache. I couldn't connect to it wirelessly to configure it. But once I plugged it direct into my PC, I was fine. It also didn't seem to play well with my macbook. Again, with just a little more reconfiguring, got it running fine.

My DSL was 1.5 Mb max. The coverage in my house is "low - 20%" and I consistently get speeds of at least 3.5 to 4 Mb. I have clocked 6.5+ speeds at times. This is download speed only btw.

Netflix is no trouble whatsoever for me. And I did have intermittent troubles before with the DSL.

One downside is the upload speed - .5 Mb tops. But about all I upload are a few fotos of the kids to email to the grandparents once in a while. No biggie for me.

One other thing - other wireless devices in the home. I also have an issue with a wireless device I use to send my DirecTV signal to a TV in the kitchen that isn't connected to a box. The wifi interferes when in proximity to the receiver. So I either have to turn off the 4G device or move it about 10 feet from the TV receiver when I want to watch that TV. Again, no biggie.
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I forgot to add - when I bought the thing, I asked about returning it if it didn't work for me. Guy at the Sprint store said they have a 30 day return/contract termination policy.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I'll give it a try then.
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I considered Clearwire (also a Qwest user in Seattle) and heard horror stories, mostly on Yelp. Couldn't find anybody at work who used it. Caveat browser.
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Response by poster: I've been curious about Clearwire as well. They have a cheap plan, but a poor reputation.
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