How do I careate colour decals in vRay for Rhino?
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Rhino 4.0 + vRay for Rhino + JPG Decal = How?

I've designed an ebook reader in Rhino and want to render it with a sample screen I've created. I'm using vRay for Rhino and know you can add simple 1-colour decals, but have no idea how to add a sample screen created as a full-colour jpg.

Can anybody help me?
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Make a new surface for the screen, apply the jpg to that surface

Maybe also add another extruded 2mm glass/transparent solid on top with just a little gloss

Post up the results!
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I don't know if it's the same, but I do this in vray for Sketchup all the time. Limited slip's answer is probably perfectly workable too.

Anyway, the way I learned to do it is to
1) make a new vray material
2) go into the Diffuse options for that material
3) click on the little "m" icon
4) choose type > bitmap, and then in the bitmap options click the little "m" again and choose your jpg.
5) apply this new material to the screen of your ebook reader.

Hope this helps...
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