How can I find out what's on in Sydney?
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What are good (preferably online) sources for finding out what's on in Sydney? From time to time I find myself there for a weekend, but haven't yet discovered the best way of locating events. I'm particularly interested in theatre, arthouse/vintage/unusual cinema, talks and public lectures, and food, arts or literary events.

Basically, if it's something I can't find in Canberra, I want to know about it. It would be a bonus if you could point me to sites containing reviews rather than just listings, although the names of potential venues (particularly for cinema - does Sydney have an equivalent to Melbourne's Astor or Nova?) would also be helpful.
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I'm not in Sydney but for some ideas - Time Out, Drum and Impress, City News, Dendy Cinemas, and maybe JJJ for another gig guide. Also Real Time Arts magazine for something not exclusive to Sydney, but kinda cool.
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Live Guide is the only thing I've found
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