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Can anyone recommend a good male stylist in the Boston Metro area to help me find a hairstyle?

I am mid thirties with fine (but wanting to curl when it gets longer hair) and I am looking for a stylist that can actually recommend a hair style. Everyone I ever go to seems to be able to look at a picture and say they can or cannot do it with my hair but I want someone who can see my hair, my faceshape, etc and recommend something.

Prefer Boston metro but could deal with someone in NYC if they are *really* great, but affordable, since I got to NYC a few times a year. If they are in Boston don't need to worry as much about affordability.
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Can you get up to Haverhill? Jimmy Girgenti owns Mizan salon up there, and he's done hairstyling for most of the male actors I know in the area. MeMail me if you'd like an introduction.
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Are you a man who wants a stylist (of either gender), or are you looking for a stylist who's a man?

I like Paula at Liquid Hair in the South End. I've had similar troubles to you. Paula is the first stylist that I would return to. She did a great job. My hair looks great whether or not I style it. My wife saw some dude there. She's got curly hair and was unimpressed. She had to get it fixed and now she's going back to Vidal on Newbury.
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seconding Liquid Hair Studios in the South End though the stylists that I used to go to have since left (one, Jason, is out of state; the other, Wendy, is at Revive now); so I don't hit them up as much as I used to; but they do have a knack for hiring interesting stylists who can guide and coach your look. It may be worth your while to try out a few different stylists over the next few months to see if any of them click well with you.
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Highly recommended: Kent Newton Salon, Washington Street, South End.

Kent was named Best High End Men's Haircut this year by Boston Magazine. He left Salon Mario Russo and opened up his new salon a year ago -- to rave reviews.
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You must go to Leila at Station 8 in JP. She's fantastic.
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Shan at Pure Hair Design, 425 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118, 617.236.1222
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...seconding Liquid Hair Studios in the South End though the stylists that I used to go to have since left (one, Jason, is out of state...

Actually Jason Burke left Liquid to join Kent Newton Salon.
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Kent was named Best High End Men's Haircut this year by Boston Magazine...
"The problem with getting an appointment at some vaunted salons isn't the star stylists themselves so much as the gate-keepers they have shooing away the unshampooed masses: '[Mr. Big Shot] isn't taking new clients at the moment,' intoned multiple haughty receptionists during our research. We encountered no attitude, however, when we called Kent Newton Salon, and upon arrival we found chilled-out ambiance and meticulous craftsmanship. Partway through the session, the eponymous master — a former Mario Russo staffer — became so engrossed in precision-snipping one cowlick, we crossed our fingers that he didn't charge by the hour. (He doesn't.) For Kent himself, you will need to book a few weeks out, but it's the best cut we've had in years. And yes, he's taking new clients."*
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