Help me find the ending
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I'm trying to find a Japanese short film about two guys in a sushi restaurant who try to out-order an older man. There's no dialogue and it was weird and quite funny, finishing with a radioactive wasabi show-down.

About ten minutes long, the plot goes as follows.

Two salarymen go into the little restaurant and order sushi. While eating it, they notice an older man who is also eating sushi. They are using chopsticks, but he is using his fingers and has a specific technique. The two guys immediately order more sushi and copy the older mans technique.

This goes on for some time until the older man orders wasabi nigiri (which is a small roll of rice with nothing except wasabi on it). There are some amusing special effects implying that the wasabi is radioactive. The old guy eats the sushi. Impressed the two salarymen immediately order wasabi nigiri each and follow the old man.

The VCR which was recording this gem after the end of my usual show CUTS OUT AT THIS POINT. I've no idea how it ends, what it was called or any further information. Google isn't bringing anything but I suspect a Japanese MeFite might be able to help.

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Could it be the Rahmens?
posted by sleepytako at 3:14 AM on November 5, 2010

Sorry, but no - it's not the Rahmens. It's done as a film narrative, not a documentary so the whole slew of "how to" videos that are out there are not correct.
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Sushi Japan by Kenji Tanaka! Available as an iPhone app (scroll down)!
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This app is not available in the US.
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That's it! I don't have an iPhone, but I don't care - just happy I found it. Thanks so much!
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