Boston suppliers for my fish n' spices?
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Cooking Latakia style fish fillets...where to get aleppo pepper in Boston?

In the name of my underground restaurant, I'd love to know where to get the proper spices for my fish dish. Bonus points for advice on a quality fish monger. That is all.
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Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge should have the aleppo pepper. In fact, I think we bought some there before! Can't say for sure if the one in the South End would have it.
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It may be worth calling Christina's Spices in Inman Square to see if they have it.
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Penzeys carries it, and they have a "Boston area" store:

1293 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington, MA
(781) 646-7707
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I've bought it at all three places (the Formaggio in Cambridge, though; the Boston one is much smaller). Savenor's may also have it.
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Seconding Formaggio in Cambridge - it is where I have bought Aleppo pepper on several occasions. As far as fish markets, the usual recommendations are Wulf's in Brookline (on Harvard Ave), or New Deal Fish Market in Cambridge.
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It is also labeled "halabi pepper" sometimes. I get mine from Penzey's. Great stuff.
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