What apocalyptic scenarios await us after 2012?
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It seems like throughout my life, people have been worried about various prophesied end-times. After 2012 comes and goes, what end-of-the-world scenario are the popular media going to latch onto next?
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The Y2K38 Bug.
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Resource shortages -- chiefly peak oil, but also peak water and peak rare earth. These threats involve not just shortages of materials vital to modern civilization, but also the attendant wars and unrest that would accompany the increased competition for them.
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Probably another flu scare, or other crazy epidemic.

I saw people on facebook recently talking about how, if an outbreak of rabies in humans were to happen in perfect storm fashion with a flu epidemic, you could theoretically get "zombies" that behave not unlike the ones in 28 Days Later.
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A Manhattan size meteor hitting the planet when we aren't looking
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Well, according to Family Radio, the world really ends on May 21, 2011.

So, we don't even have to worry about 2012!

(I'm also keeping their pamphlet so that I can email them on May 12th, and ask them how that Apocalypse went for them.)
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November 13, 2026: the Doomsday Equation, a prediction by physicist Heinz von Foerster that human population growth would become infinite on this date and everyone "will be squeezed to death." (11/13 is also the good doctor's birthday, mazel tov!)

2029 and 2036: Apophis, a large Near Earth Object that reached as high as Level 4 on the Torino Scale. Much was made of it in popular media a few years ago but less was reported about subsequent, more refined calculations that downgraded its level to 0.

September 8, 2040: Alignment, a five planet conjunction event. Past alignments have produced dire pseudoscience predictions of massive floods, earthquakes, volcanoes (no human sacrifice or dogs and cats living together, alas).
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Climate change.

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Oh damn it we had Apophis in everyones outlook at work as a day off. Guess I get to send out that update today
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A good overview over possible apocalypses.
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A listing of the various apocalypses mankind has anticipated, beginning in 2800 B.C. and ending in 2040.
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