Mani-Pedi in Sacramento, CA?
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My wife has mentioned that she would like to get a Mani-Pedi. I would like to get her one for her birthday. Can you recommend a shop (Salon, Spa, whatever) that does them in the Sacramento/Antelope/Roseville area?

I see some places that are hole-in-the-wall shops and advertise a mani-pedi for $10....and then I see them online for $100... I'm looking for middle-of-the-road-ish in price...something that will be very nice for her, but not too terribly expensive. $40-$60 is appropriate. She will most likely be going alone, so some place staff that are personable and chatty would probably be opposed to somewhere where they put her feet in a bucket of hot water and let her sit for an hour. :)

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I've heard good things about Mellow Me Out ( but I've never been there myself. I've got no personal recommendations; I don't like strangers touching me. :D
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Shops can't let anyone sit for an hour--they need turnover. I have no personal recommendations, but Yelp is usually a good place to start.

Expo Nail and Spa
seems to have good reviews.
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I recommend Alainn tu in East Sac. I bought my Mom a pedicure there and she loved it. I used to go to Simply Skin but it looks like they don't do mani/pedis anymore. If she decide she wants a facial or something definitely have her go there!
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That's the second recommendation for mellowmeout I've had...I may have to check them out :)
And I'll definitely look on Yelp!

Thanks for the recommendations everyone!
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