Looking for mock negotiation scenarios.
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I'm speaking to some students about negotiating contracts. I'm hoping to break them out into pairs for a mock negotiation, and am looking for a 5-10 minute mock negotiation to use. Any good resources out there?

Specifically, I'm hoping to find something where there are pre-existing contractual terms, and the parties interpret it differently. However, Party A will be happy if Party B gives them thing X instead of living up to its interpretation of the contract.

I've done some searching on The Internets for deal negotiating templates, but they're all very elaborate 5 pagers which would take a while to negotiate. Does anyone know any simpler resources? Thanks!
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I like these guys, but ymmv. They've been a huge help to me learning how to understand contract structure as a layperson / legal admin.
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I vaguely remember that there were (short) negotiation examples in Getting to Yes which was a book I remember using way back in law school.
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I just did a negotiation class and they used CLE materials, maybe from the ABA? Ours was simple and able to be completed in 15 minutes or less.
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Here is a search tool to find appropriate role simulations from the Harvard Program on Negotiation clearinghouse.
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