Sepang F1 Seating Advice
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We're going to the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang in April, has anyone been? Specifically looking for seating advice.

I'm leaning towards granstand seats at corner one. The main grandstands appear to only offer a view of the cars going buy on the straights, which I assume would be tiresome after a while. K1 grandstand gives you a view of the two slowest corners, the best passing opportunities and full throttle acceleration away from corner 2. Anyone have any specific Sepang F1 advice?

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Guess F1 isn't a hot topic on MeFi ;-)

I was at the Turkish race this year in the main grandstand overlooking turn 1. The tracks are so large you won't really see a lot from the grandstands no matter what. Basically I would suggest getting a good viewing seat, like you mentioned somewhere that affords good view of overtaking that also affords a good view of one of the TV displays. You can also get KangarooTV, they didn't offer this in Turkey but I've heard it was available at other races.
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