Printing, Laminating, and Folding a Lot of Paper
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What company will print, laminate, and multi-fold a quick reference guide in quantity?

The company I work for would like to create a pocket sized quick reference guide to hand out at conferences and conventions. The product would look like a laminated street map, with entirely different information on it.

We're in the early stages of deciding the specifics, but we do know that it must fold down to a pocket size (probably no larger than 5x5 inches).

We haven't determined what size the pre-folded sheet of paper will be; that will probably depend upon cost. It will probably need to be full color on both sides.

Really, we're in the "let's price this out and see if it makes sense" stage of the process. Do you know of any printing companies, either online or in the greater Phoenix, AZ area, who do this sort of thing?
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Try Staples.
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I can't speak to the Phoenix area, but I do work in the printing industry, so I can make some general recommendations.

Firstly, you might try contacting your local printing association (google tells me it's PIAZ) to ask for a recommendation.

Barring that, if they're worth working with, a printer will either have the equipment to fulfill your job or they will have industry partners and associates who can help them. My company doesn't do laminating, for example, but we routinely work with service providers who do in order to meet our clients' needs.

So you should be able to simply pick three local printers out of the phone book from a google search and request quotes. If you like what you hear over the phone, arrange for a tour of the plant and talk with the print manager/boss. You can request to see examples of jobs they've handled in the past to see if you like the quality they produce. I know it sounds like a lot of legwork, but all the steps I've outlined shouldn't cost you more than a couple of hours.

Sorry I don't have more specific info for you.
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You don't want it just folded - you want it SCORED, too, which is a letterpress-based process.

Any good since print shop that does die cutting will be able to do this; a good litho shop with a letterpress department - even if they only use those presses for foiling and die cutting - can do the whole job. That will be much cheaper than going to a job shop that will parcel it out to a bindery and a foiler/cutter.
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Ask for Gina Cantor at Capital Litho: 602-252-6141
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