A Quiet Night in Vegas
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CounterintuitiveFilter: Where can a guy read a book and get a good cup of coffee in Las Vegas, Nevada?

I'll be in town for a wedding, and I don't have the money, alcohol tolerance, or energy to go on an all-night Vegas bender. I'd rather have fun for a short while and then go somewhere quiet to get some homework done and destress in a place free from drunks and teenagers with cell phones. I'll have a rental car and I'm not afraid to use it. Help me Metafilter - or I'll be forced to slum it out at a Starbucks.
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we were stuck in LV last week -- there's a Borders Books on W. Sahara, somewhere around the 5000 block (or high 4000s) with a cafe that has decent tea (we're Brits) so the coffee is probably ok too. The chairs are not too comfortable for a long rest though. We have to go back to recover our broken car, so better suggestions will be nice...
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I have this same problem whenever I'm in Vegas. It would be extra great if the place is a quiet cyber cafe with wireless for my Tablet PC.
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Best answer: In the basement of the MGM Grand Casino, there is a nice sandwich shop called 'wichcraft' that makes foofy sandwiches and pastries, has a mean french roast, and is uniformly quiet, no matter what's going on outside in the hallway that leads ot the pool. Parking is free at the casino.

Plus, if you just love books, visit Albion Books. It's the bomb. Used and rare everything.

digital city recs these, although I haven't tried em.
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I'd also toss in The Chocolate Swan / The Reading Room on the first floor of Mandalay Place, immediately outside Mandalay Bay. Good, but expensive, Peet's coffee next to a good, but very small, bookshop.
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