Overnight trip from tokyo
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I will have a few days free in tokyo and am looking for an interesting overnight trip, I am not so interested in getting a tourist ticket punched.

An ideal trip would take place someplace pretty, old and within say two hours of tokyo.

A previous post casually mentioned Budhist temples where one can spend the night, an old temple close to Tokyo might fit the bill exactly,if anyone has any hints.
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I stayed at a temple near Kyoto, so I couldn't recommend anything near Tokyo. Google 'shukubo' (temple lodging) to find some. Here's one I just happened to find.

You should also try googling 'ryokan', which are traditional Japanese lodgings. You can find ryokan in almost any price range.
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Nikko might be interesting. It's a huge destination for Japanese tourists, but I don't think many foreigners make it there. It's old and has some important history: Tokugawa Ieyasu--the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate--is interred there in an impressive shrine (a UNESCO world heritage site, I think). It's a very important area religiously, with lots of temples and shrines around. And there are hot springs (or so I've read; I've not seen them personally).

It should be easy to find a ryokan there; I'm not so sure about shukubos.
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I very much recommend staying at Fukuzumiro in Hakone-Yumoto (1.5 hrs from Tokyo by train). Make sure to get a room overlooking the river. I think I stayed a room called Sakura. It was the coolest old ryokan I've ever stayed in.

Chujokan in Gunma prefecture is on my list of places I need to go, although it's a bit further away from Tokyo.

If you want to blow Y40,000, you could stay at the famous Oan in Atami. It's probably worth it.
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Sorry, not Oan, Horai Ryokan in Atami. I want to stay there but my girlfriend won't let me.
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I don't know if your trip is still in the future, but you may want to consider Yamanashi prefecture, particularly the town of Katsunuma. It's a winery region, with some small chateau. It also has a temple where you can spend the night, and then practice meditation in the morning. I went there with my wife a few years ago - quite pleasant. Email me if you want specific details.
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